computer + tech repair
1-833-UberTech (1-833-823-7832)

UberTech offers computer and tech repair services

UberTech is located in Iola, KS and is here for your computer and tech needs.

We offer convenient drop-off and remote repair for most services.
These services start at $50 and carry a 30 day money-back guarantee.

We also offer on-site repair for situations when hauling your equipment isn't practical.
This service starts at $80 and also includes our same money-back guarantee.

See our pricing page for more information.

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fax:   (785) 338-7303

Services Include

PC Cleanup and Tuneup includes virus removal and system optimizations
Data Recovery recover lost files, even from damaged hard drives
Custom-Built Desktop PCs pick the hardware you want, or the price range and save big
New Computer Setup includes all system updates and software setup, including a/v
New Network Setup get a new network setup, including wifi connectivity
New Printer/Scanner Setup includes network-enabled devices
Hardware Updates upgrade an older machine to get extra life from it
OS, Driver and Software Updates get the latest security updates for your OS, drivers and apps
Hardware Repair repair and replace damaged hardware - includes hard drives
Operating System Repair fix non-booting PCs and gets you back up and running
Software Repair includes email client or internet browser repair
Network Repair repair your existing network, including wifi
Printer/Scanner Repair repair your existing devices to get them back up and working
Phone/Tablet Repair software/hardware repair, including screens and batteries

Have an issue or service request not mentioned above?
Contact us and we'll find a solution for you!